God’s Plan Music Video by Drake

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The God’s Plan Music Video 

If you read my blog, you would know that I love listening to rap music and watching music videos. I also enjoy listening to other types of music like Kylie Minogue’s Golden. Drake is one of the most famous hip-hop artists alive right now. He started his music career in 2009 with the song Best I Ever Had. In the last year, Drake had success with his song Passionfruit, and God’s Plan has been equally successful this year. 

drake music videos
Drake the rapper

Drake’s song God’s Plan is one of his catchiest songs to date. The song also has a deeper meaning than his other music. Based on the title, the listener can easily identity this. If you are a true fan of Drake, then you have probably heard the song already. If you still aren’t convinced about his song, here are some of my favorite clean rappers

Drake’s Generosity

What permeates this entire video is the generosity of Drake. He goes around to different people in the Miami area and hands out cash, cars, or takes a few hard-working women on shopping sprees. This is really generous, although he probably could have done a background check with Kiwi searches. Even if your not a fan of his, thats a pretty remarkable video. 

Antonio Brown’s Cameo

Antonio Brown is one of the best wide receivers in the NFL today. He makes an appearance in Drake’s new music video as himself, dancing in a shopping mall. Drake and Brown are at a Saks Fifth Avenue, the same place where Drake gave out the shopping sprees. The unexpected presence of Antonio Brown adds an interesting twist to the video. 

Listening to Drake’s best songs

The Joy of Giving

What makes this music video so inspiring is not the amount that Drake was able to give away. The music video was a testament to the joy that giving brings to both the giver and the receiver. This recent video may wind up being one of the biggest moments in his career with millions of views on YouTube.  As I am writing this, the music video has over 447 million views. 

The Skeptics 

Many people may be skeptical of Drake in this music video. It may seem like he is just flaunting his money and using the video as a scheme to gain more supporters. However, this music video is a refreshing reminder of what can happen when people are generous to one another. Music videos like this show the joy that can be found when human beings treat each other better. 

The 3 Best Clean Rappers

You won't be mommy shamed while listening to these rappers.

In today’s culture, rap and hip hop music is often associated with filthy lyrics, loud and harsh beats, and awful messages. If they give it the time of day, most parents will be shamed for it. So they won’t play it in their homes and might easily write it off as bad music to avoid mommy shaming.

However, there’s a small handful of artists and musicians who want to redeem this genre of music. They want to show the world that hip hop has a voice, with culture that can bring wonderful art and meaningful messages. Here are three artists with clean lyrics, well-produced sounds, conscience thoughts, and commentary on family-friendly topics. You can find them on most music streaming apps.

Three Of The Best Clean Rap Artists

Both parents and kids can listen to these rappers.
People of all ages can enjoy these artists.


Shad Kabango was born in Kenya but raised in Ontario, Canada, where he now resides. He has four albums under his belt, and each is better than the one before it. In fact, he beat out Drake in 2012 for best rap record of the year and has toured all over the world. Shad’s music is tasteful and clever, with clean and original lyrics. Moms and dads everywhere won’t have to worry about mommy shaming when listening to it. Shad has taken the underground hip hop scene by storm and is widely considered to be one of the best rappers of this generation.

Shad balances out discussing hard topics with a lightness that makes him easy to enjoy. If you’re looking for an amazing artist that you could play in front of your kids, look no further than Shad. The best place to start would be with his album “The Old Prince.”

Beautiful Eulogy

This trio / super group is from Portland, Oregon. The MC’s are Braille and Odd Thomas, while the DJ is Courtland Urbano. Both Braille and Odd Thomas had successful music careers before they collaborated to make Beautiful Eulogy. They blend styles of music such as folk, rock, electronica and hip hop, earning them the title of the most innovative hip hop group in Portland.

With deep, theological lyrics, an unapologetic approach, and pressing the envelope on what hip hop is, they’re also clean and refreshing. You’ll find no cause for mommy shaming, like cussing or exploitive references, here. Just good music made by good guys who want to put a positive dent in the rap and hip hop scene. They just released their most recent record, “Worthy,” at the end of 2017. It’s their best project to date.


Jason Emmanuel Petty, or better known by his stage name Propaganda, is a rapper, poet and activist from L.A. Having grown up in the same neighborhoods as big names like Tupac, N.W.A. and Eazy-E, he experienced many similar situations such as gang culture and violence, poverty, and racism.

But unlike many other hip hop artists, Propaganda uses his story in powerful ways to encourage the world around him. His music is bold, raw and thought-provoking. He stays away from being explicit, while still being honest and powerful. His most recent album, “Crooked,” has received critical acclaim, as it should, because it’s incredible.

So, in a world full of harsh and crude rap and hip hop, you can rest assured that there are a few amazing artists out there who want to bring a new light and vision to this culture. These three artists in particular are a great place to start.

The Best Apps For Listening To Music

Find out what music your child listens to with an iPhone spy app.

Listening to music in 2018 is easier than it’s ever been. 15 years ago, we were walking around with portable CD players that didn’t even fit in our pockets. Now we have smartphones that do so much, and with a touch of a button, give us access to virtually any music we would ever want to listen to. If your child has a smartphone, the best way to see what they’re listening to is by using an iPhone spy app. You can also keep track of their texts, calls, and even location!

Purchasing music is cheaper than it’s ever been, too. The music industry has finally adapted to the music streaming revolution, which has made listening to music more affordable than ever. With apps like Spotify, people are able to stream whatever music they want, all for a cheap monthly subscription that costs about the same as one CD. And if you want to keep track of what someone else is listening to, just use an iPhone spy app. For that price, you get almost all the music in the world.

Thousands and thousands of artists have placed their music on streaming services for people to listen to. Artists know that the best way to make money in the industry is by touring, not directly from album sales. Streaming has become a way for them to get their name out there. This brings us to the best apps for listening to music in 2018.


Spotify is one of the most popular apps out there. It made people realize how easy it can be to stream music, rather than buy songs or albums individually. Spotify is a Swedish-based streaming service, but it’s become one of the most widely used music streaming apps in the entire world.

In addition, Spotify offers a great monthly deal for college students, which is about half the regular monthly subscription price. In comparison, Spotify Premium is usually about $10 a month. Plus, for only $5 more, users can sign up for the family plan, where several users in the same household can listen to music on different mobile devices at the same time.

The affordable pricing and the vast range of music available makes Spotify one of of the best apps for listening to music these days.

Apple Music / iTunes

Apple Music is Apple’s response to the Spotify revolution, which happened when listeners began streaming their music instead of purchasing it on iTunes. Still, Apple Music has become a popular streaming service as well, especially with people who already use Apple products and programs like an iPhone spy app.


An iPhone spy app is the best way to see what your child listens to.
Keep track of what your child listens to with an iPhone spy app.

Pandora is great for people who want to stream music, but are more flexible about the exact song that they’re listening to. What put Pandora on the map many years ago was its playlist mode where users enter a song they like and the system plays songs that are similar. Other streaming services have similar options available now, but Pandora was the one that pioneered it.

These are three of the best streaming options available now in 2018. But, there are plenty more that offer competitive pricing in order to compete with them. Find the one that works best for you and enjoy how easy it is to listen to music in 2018!

How To Keep Kids Safe When Using Facebook Kids

Facebook now has an app for kids, so you don't have to spy on text messages.

Facebook Messenger For Kids just launched recently. If you’re like me, you’re worried about how to keep your child safe when they’re on social media. Do our kids really need to start using social media at age six? I’m not so sure. But I know that I’m going to make sure I know how to use Facebook Messenger For Kids safely because my kids might want to sign up for it. I plan on figuring out how to spy on text messages too, just in case. So here are a few ways that you can keep your child safe when they’re using this new app:

Chat With Parents Before You Add Them

In order to add another child to your child’s friends list, you need to friend one of their parents. Then, that parent adds your child to their child’s friend list, and vice versa.

In theory, this is great, because we should always know the parents of our kids’ friends. Well, it pays to chat with them before adding their child. You don’t want to wait until it’s too late and you have to spy on text messages to learn that they might be a bad influence.

I added the parent of one of my son’s friends, and I sent them a message saying hello. The message she sent showed me that I don’t really want my son to be friends with hers. Let’s just say the conversation gave me a little too much information about their private lives. I really don’t want my son to get in the habit of oversharing like that. That’s why it’s a really good idea to get to know the other parent a little more before adding their kid to your child’s friends list.

Check Your Child’s iPhone Or iPad Daily

The Facebook Messenger For Kids app doesn’t let parents spy on text messages to see what their children are typing. You can see everything they type or text through the app, but only if you have the actual device that the app is on. So, one option is to leave the app on your phone and let your child use it every so often. Then later, you can check their social media activity. Or you can make it a habit to check your child’s iPad or iPhone every day to see what they’re doing on Messenger For Kids.

Set Ground Rules

It's important that your child stays safe online.
Be sure to talk with your child about Internet safety.

Even though Facebook For Messenger is designed to be used by kids who are between 6 to 12 years old, you should still sit down with your child and create some ground rules for social media. Talk about what is appropriate to post and what isn’t. Make sure your child knows that even though they’re only talking to friends and family, they still shouldn’t post any personal information. Just because the data on the app is protected doesn’t mean it’s impenetrable. Facebook has been hacked before, so keep that in mind.

How To Handle It When Your Son Is A Bully

I had to face the fact that my son is a bully.

When I got a message on my phone at work to immediately call the principal of my oldest son’s school, I was worried. Did Wyatt get hurt? What was going on? I called back as soon as I could. Unfortunately, I was shocked to hear the principal tell me that after work, I had to attend a school meeting to address a bullying problem. Bullying? My son wasn’t getting bullied. He was fine. And there was no way my son is a bully.

I told the principal there must be a mistake, but he said that there wasn’t. My son wasn’t getting bullied – he was the bully. I almost dropped the phone in surprise. I agreed to be at the meeting and hung up. But the rest of the day, my mind was racing.

The Shocking Realization

How could my son be a bully? We raised him to have compassion and empathy. We raised him to be kind to others. How did this happen? And didn’t I see it? I really wanted to call my son and immediately demand some answers but I didn’t. I knew I had to talk to the principal first. Instead, I just texted my son and told him to meet me at the school’s cafeteria instead of waiting for me outside.

He knew he was in trouble when I told him we had to go talk to the principal. He got visibly more uncomfortable the closer we got to the school office. When we got there, another child and a parent were waiting. My son was squirming at this point.

My son was bullying another boy.
I couldn’t believe that my son had been bullying another child.

I was too embarrassed to meet the other parent’s eyes. How do you face someone when your son is a bully? I didn’t make eye contact because I didn’t know what else to do. When the principal was ready for us, we all went into a conference room.

The Proof

I asked the principal about what my son had done. He handed me stacks of papers – printouts of screen shots of threatening and offensive messages belittling, berating and humiliating the other boy. All of them were traced to his social media accounts and phone number. Dumbfounded and upset, I asked my son if he sent these messages and made these posts. At first, he tried to deny it. But when I pointed out that I knew they were his social media accounts because I set them up, he broke down and told the truth. He did it.

I was bitterly disappointed in my son. And horrified that he had done such terrible things. I promised the principal and the other parent that we’d take care of the situation. I apologized to the other parent and their boy. But I know an apology can’t make up for what that child had to go through.

Where Do We Go From Here?

I feel like a failure as a parent because my son is a bully. But my wife and I are committed to fixing this problem, instead of pretending it didn’t happen. If you find out that your child is a bully, the best thing you can do is acknowledge the problem and fix it. Don’t make excuses and don’t let your child off the hook. Fix the problem.

Your Teen Can Now Shop On Amazon

Amazon allows teens to now shop with parental controls.

While none of my kids are teenagers yet,  I’m always wondering how much independence I should give them when the time comes. Amazon just rolled out a new feature that eases some of my worries. It now allows teens to shop on Amazon with their own account, but with parental controls. I think this is amazing – teens will have the freedom to shop for what they need, and their parents can approve their purchases. Here are a few reasons why I love Amazon’s new feature.

Shopping Independently

Save on gas by letting your teen shop online instead.
Now, teens can go shopping without needing a ride to the mall.

Teens want nothing more than to be independent. Most of them are aware of the different types of parental controls out there and try to resist them. With Amazon’s new feature, teens can learn how to shop on their own. Because they’re probably used to shopping with their parents or friends, they now finally have the chance to do it independently. Teens also receive their own logins so they don’t have to use their parents’ accounts. This allows them to create wish lists, keep track of their orders, and receive personal recommendations.

Learning The Value Of A Dollar

Amazon is known for its competitive selection of products from thousands of categories, as well as their low prices. Shoppers can easily compare the features and prices of different products so they can snag the best deal. When teens are able to do this themselves, they start to learn the value of a dollar. What will get them the best bang for their buck? These smart shopping skills will stick with them for the rest of their lives. It’s also possible for parents to apply a spending limit to their teens’ accounts so they stick to a budget.

Monitoring Purchases

What’s remarkable about this feature is that teens have the independence they need, while parents can check their purchases before they’re processed. They no longer have to worry that their children are spending their money on something inappropriate or unnecessary. It only takes a few seconds to approve or deny an order, which is easy for busy parents. Plus, teens can even include notes with their orders to let their parents know what they’re for.

While some people out there might disagree with me, I personally think that Amazon’s doing a great thing here. Parents should take advantage of it and help their teens become more independent and financially responsible. What do you think? Send me a message and let me know!