What Can People Search Sites Do for You?


The digital age has made almost everything so easy, so much so that even something as boring as locating and reproducing public information became something like a background check online. Doing background checks didn’t use to be an online type. People in the past generally went to their local courthouses or county clerks to request for public information. But many of the public information that was once only available in these public entities also became available online and online background checks became more popular. Here’s why:

No more waiting for a day for public documents or information. In the olden days, public information was kept in courthouses or other similar storage for documents and other files. People who wanted their information and documents can request them from the clerks. However, you will need to travel to where the documents are, which means you will be spending time away from your work. Plus, you will be required to wait while they find and reproduce the document that you want. And there is no assurance that the information will be released to you so might end up throwing away money for absolutely nothing. With people search sites like Kiwi Searches, it only takes a couple of minutes for you to receive the information that you want.

You won’t spend so much money for the information. You might say that you will spend money on online people search anyway, but let me ask you this. If you go to the courthouse to get your documents, will you get an unlimited amount of searches and documents for the price you are paying? No you will not, but with Kiwi Searches you will. For only a small fee, you will get unlimited searches so you can search for information on as many people as you want. Plus, you can search for information even when it is not a business day or if it is after hours. There is no time limit or search limit so it is very convenient.

People-lookupHow You Can Use People Search Services.

You can use it to locate long-lost relatives like absentee parents and other relatives. You might know from the people that you considered your parents that you are adopted and you want to meet your parents. If you do want to go through with it, you can use Kiwi Searches to get their addresses and other information so you can meet them face to face or contact them.

You can reconnect with childhood friends or people you met and liked. You may be wondering what is going on with your high school girlfriend or the people that you met while you were vacationing a few months ago. You can use Kiwi Searches to look up their contact info so you can reconnect with these people that you had fun with.

If you like someone you just met, don’t take whatever they say at face value. Find out about their background and make sure they are telling the truth about themselves.

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Recognizing Phone Scams and Using The Reverse Phone Number Lookup

The way mobile devices have become indispensable requires everyone to take advantage of the reverse phone number services that the likes of Kiwi Searches offer. You can never be too sure of the people who can take a hold of your contact information and other personal details. So, having the knowledge to look up those who contact you is a vital skill that everyone in this digital age needs to possess.

It is safe to say that everyone today has experienced some kind of scam. Whether you have become a victim of such or was nearly duped by scammers, it is quite obvious that these criminals exist. And they continue to do their evil deeds more and more by the day.

What’s The Best Way To Combat Them?

Take care of your privacy and be knowledgeable. Don’t easily fall for strangers’ talks, especially when unknown callers contact you. Take heed and oust them for who they are.

You can easily do this with the help of Kiwi Searches. But first, be aware of the different types of phone scams that felons are capable of.

Types of Phone Scams

  1. Imposter scams. These scammers pretend to be people from the government or those you trust.
  2. Charity scams. By working on your sympathy, they will ask for donations for disaster relief or other such efforts.
  3. Lottery scams. Winning something, especially if you did not join anything, is definitely suspicious. This kind of scam will say you have won a prize, but that is in exchange of sending money first just to get the “prize”.
  4. IRS scam. Someone from the Internal Revenue Service will try to call you demanding that you pay your debts. This usually happens during tax season, where consumers are stressed over their taxes.

These Phone Scams Can Be Easily Identified As Long As You Know About Them.

And when you find yourself getting a suspicious call from an unknown number, the best thing you can do is to ignore it and find out who is on the other end.

Simply typing the digits of the caller on Kiwi Searches’ reverse phone number lookup will give you information on who is calling. If you have no idea about the name that pops up and finds out unfavorable data about the caller, immediately report the number to the proper authorities.

But how do you recognize these phone scams?

  • They will usually offer prizes or similar promises. Unfortunately, they will ask you to pay for something so you can get your reward.
  • Threats are made, but a promise that you won’t be arrested follows. Scammers can pretend to be the law or a federal agency.
  • They are asking for sensitive information or asking to confirm such data.

Being vigilant is an advantage in a time where digital crimes abound. But being knowledgeable about handling such crimes is your power towards staying safe and secure.

So be aware and let Kiwi Searches help. Learn more about the services that Kiwi Searches offer and visit the website today.

Kids and YouTube Versus Kids and Books, Which is Better?

There is no doubt about the power of YouTube over kids. In fact, this social media platform is generating billions of video views from kids alone. And it is slowly taking over the role of books when it comes to education. But is it a good thing? What do parents think about their kids and YouTube versus kids and books?

Kids and YouTube

It has become rare to see children spending their time watching TV and quite common seeing them peering over their mobile device screens watching YouTube videos. Sometimes, even for hours. YouTube has somehow taken over the world of entertainment for them.

And now, it is starting to take over education, as well. When kids want to learn something, they go on YouTube. When they have to do research, they search for discussion videos on YouTube. When they have homework, they seek help on YouTube.

Kids know everything is on this social media platform. That’s the role of YouTube on education.

Unfortunately, it can be hard to control the content that children are exposed to on YouTube. And the number of ads that target these young viewers are a cause of concern. The consequences of such content can have harmful effects on kids’ behavior that they can bring into their adulthood.

And so, even with the benefits that YouTube has, it is important that guardians monitor what they see on it to prevent its negative effects.

Kids and Books

In this digital age, traditional learning materials are being substituted by technology. Books are starting to become outdated and kids prefer to do their research and homework on computers and other mobile devices.

However, there are so many disadvantages that come with this change. Which is why many parents want to stick with to the old way of teaching. And that is through books.

Books are very specific with their content and don’t allow any inappropriate information to get to kids. Children learn the best way with them. And there are no ads hidden anywhere on its pages. This is something that traditional learning tools have over the digital ones today.

And this is one reason why parents think YouTube vs books for learning is not as good as people believe it to be.

But no matter what you think is good for your children, you should still be open-minded and give things a try so your children can reap their benefits. As long as you are beside them and guide them well, you will be able to keep them safe while enjoying the benefits of advanced technology.

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The Best High Tech Holiday Decorations

Like everything else, Christmas and holiday decorations have gone high tech. It’s never been easier to truly transform your home or yard into a winter wonderland without a lot of effort and without using a lot of electricity and resources.

Of course, you’ve seen those impressive light and audio displays that are set to timers which go viral on YouTube every year but even if you don’t want to go to that extreme you can use technology gadgets and smart decorations to make your house and yard look festive this year (wish there were festive spy apps!) Some of the best and most affordable high tech holiday decorations include:

Projection Santa From AtmosFX

Instead of wrestling with Santa statues or inflatables that blow over in the winter weather this year you can get the fun effect of Santa actually moving and singing carols with a projection Santa. You can use a regular outdoor projector to project animations of Santa onto a screen.

With a collection of projections that feature Santa speaking and singing, you can create many different fun outdoor Christmas displays. Santa that will delight your family and the entire neighborhood.

Smart Lights From Light Rhapsody

This year you don’t have to worry about the hassle of the Christmas lights is near an outlet. With smart LED lights from Light Rhapsody, you can use any Alexa device to control your Christmas lights.

Because you can use these lights anywhere in your home or outdoors. I can turn them on and off or change the pattern and speed of the light display just by using Alexa. Also, you can also buy pre-lit Christmas trees that come already smart home enabled so that they will sync easily.

Garlands Galore

They make it easy to create stunning holiday displays indoors and out that you can easily manage on your cell phone or on a tablet. Making your home look festive for your holiday parties has never been easier. Since these decorations can all be controlled with Alexa or with your smartphone it’s easy. Take your holiday decorating to the next level this year with these smart decorations.

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Be A Great Father On Father’s Day

father's day

Father’s Day is all about celebrating our fathers and the incredible impact that they have had on our lives. But it’s also a day for fathers to look around at all they have to be grateful for. No father wants anything to happen to their children. Dad’s do so much every single day. This Father’s Day, aim to keep your kids safe by protecting them from one of the greatest threats, the internet. Making sure that kids are safe online is one of the toughest jobs of the modern-day parent. Let Dad take time for himself, relax by the pool or even learn a new language.

Keep Your Kids Safe Online

There are many dangers faced by kids on the internet. There is an enormous amount of explicit material available for them to access. As well as cyber-bullying that occurs now too in schools and online. They could even come across a predator through the various sites and apps they are using. This is why parents should have cell phone spy apps to monitor what their children are doing online and keep them safe. How else can you monitor their activities online? 

father's day
Father Hugging Daughter

Social Media

Social media is one of the great modern marvels. It will go down in the history books as something that revolutionized the way that people communicate. But it isn’t without its dangers. Many kids have fallen victim to being bullied over social media in what has become called cyber-bullying. And being exposed to content at an earlier age. Some people post revealing photos on their Instagram or Facebook that kids shouldn’t see. Like celebrities and even some teenagers. 


The best way for parents to prevent cyber-bullying is to wait until they are mature enough to handle social media. The trouble with this is that many of the other kids at school are going to be active on social media platforms at an increasingly early age. It varies from child to child, but the best option may be to keep kids from using these apps, which give them the ability to communicate with anyone across the world. Most parents don’t know if their children are being bullied online. 

father's day
Father Spending Time With Daughter

Explicit Content

Another unfortunate danger facing children is the explicit content that is widely available throughout the internet. To combat this, there are tools for parents such as cell phone monitoring apps that enable parents to see what sites their kids are frequenting using their smartphone or even the computer. They could accidentally encounter adult material online and other photos not for kids. And once they see this material they can’t unsee it. 


One of the most dramatic and severe dangers facing children is the reality of cyber-predators. It is of the utmost importance that parents keep their kids safe by teaching them how to interact with people on the internet. No matter how friendly a stranger appears online, your children should never give out their personal information. Still, enjoy your Father’s Day, it is only once a year. Check my last post about the music video God’s Plan by Drake.

God’s Plan Music Video by Drake

music videos headphones

The God’s Plan Music Video 

If you read my blog, you would know that I love listening to rap music and watching music videos. I also enjoy listening to other types of music like Kylie Minogue’s Golden. Drake is one of the most famous hip-hop artists alive right now. He started his music career in 2009 with the song Best I Ever Had. In the last year, Drake had success with his song Passionfruit, and God’s Plan has been equally successful this year. 

music videos
Drake The Rapper

Drake’s song God’s Plan is one of his catchiest songs to date. The song also has a deeper meaning than his other music. Based on the title, the listener can easily identity this. If you are a true fan of Drake, then you have probably heard the song already. If you still aren’t convinced about his song, here are some of my favorite clean rappers

Drake’s Generosity

What permeates this entire video is the generosity of Drake. He goes around to different people in the Miami area and hands out cash, cars, or takes a few hard-working women on shopping sprees. This is really generous, although he probably could have done a background check with Kiwi searches. Even if your not a fan of his, thats a pretty remarkable video. 

Antonio Brown’s Cameo

Antonio Brown is one of the best wide receivers in the NFL today. He makes an appearance in Drake’s new music video as himself, dancing in a shopping mall. Drake and Brown are at a Saks Fifth Avenue, the same place where Drake gave out the shopping sprees. The unexpected presence of Antonio Brown adds an interesting twist to the video. 

Listening to Drake’s best songs

The Joy of Giving

What makes this music video so inspiring is not the amount that Drake was able to give away. The music video was a testament to the joy that giving brings to both the giver and the receiver. This recent video may wind up being one of the biggest moments in his career with millions of views on YouTube.  As I am writing this, the music video has over 447 million views. 

The Skeptics 

Many people may be skeptical of Drake in this music video. It may seem like he is just flaunting his money and using the video as a scheme to gain more supporters. However, this music video is a refreshing reminder of what can happen when people are generous to one another. Music videos like this show the joy that can be found when human beings treat each other better.