Byron Compagnon

Byron and his son.
Byron with his youngest son, Isaac.

Hello there, reader! Thank you for visiting my website. My name is Byron Compagnon, and I live in Quebec, Canada. I live with my three boys Wyatt, Philip and Isaac and my beautiful wife Nicolette . I have been working in HVAC almost all of my life. While working with HVAC, I have seen many minor accidents, but also some major ones that could have been prevented. With all of my life experiences so far, I’ve come to value the importance of safety inside and outside the home. Most parents, me being one of them, want the best for their children and will always strive to provide them with a secure and happy life. Assuring a safe evironment is a priority in my household and I am hoping to spark the interest of my readers, to gain in on some of my knowledge.

My Journey as a Father

My wife and I were blessed with our first child ten years ago (Wyatt). Since then, we’ve had two more children, Philip and Isaac, and love them more than we could have even imagined. While witnessing work-related accidents on the job, I have become more cautious in general, but especially about my children’s well-being. If there is one thing that I value the most in this world, it’s protecting my children.

My Message to Other Parents

One thing I tell all of my readers, is to never take your, or others  well-being for granted. Accidents and  safety hazards are just around the corner. By being aware and on top of potential hazards it will help limit many preventable injuries. Another thing that I will mention to parents, is to make sure that you know where your children are at all times and continuously update them on security information. By updating children on potential hazards that they could run into, it allows children to be more conscious and aware of potential threats to their safety. If you have any questions or comments, please contact me here.