The Best High Tech Holiday Decorations

Like everything else, Christmas and holiday decorations have gone high tech. It’s never been easier to truly transform your home or yard into a winter wonderland without a lot of effort and without using a lot of electricity and resources.

Of course, you’ve seen those impressive light and audio displays that are set to timers which go viral on YouTube every year but even if you don’t want to go to that extreme you can use technology gadgets and smart decorations to make your house and yard look festive this year (wish there were festive spy apps!) Some of the best and most affordable high tech holiday decorations include:

Projection Santa From AtmosFX

Instead of wrestling with Santa statues or inflatables that blow over in the winter weather this year you can get the fun effect of Santa actually moving and singing carols with a projection Santa. You can use a regular outdoor projector to project animations of Santa onto a screen.

With a collection of projections that feature Santa speaking and singing, you can create many different fun outdoor Christmas displays. Santa that will delight your family and the entire neighborhood.

Smart Lights From Light Rhapsody

This year you don’t have to worry about the hassle of the Christmas lights is near an outlet. With smart LED lights from Light Rhapsody, you can use any Alexa device to control your Christmas lights.

Because you can use these lights anywhere in your home or outdoors. I can turn them on and off or change the pattern and speed of the light display just by using Alexa. Also, you can also buy pre-lit Christmas trees that come already smart home enabled so that they will sync easily.

Garlands Galore

They make it easy to create stunning holiday displays indoors and out that you can easily manage on your cell phone or on a tablet. Making your home look festive for your holiday parties has never been easier. Since these decorations can all be controlled with Alexa or with your smartphone it’s easy. Take your holiday decorating to the next level this year with these smart decorations.

Want to learn more about safety using of your smartphone and tablets just click here:

How the New Apple Watch Makes Parenting Easier

Find out who's calling you on your Apple Watch with a people lookup.

While there are some dangers of modern technology, you simply need to learn how to use these devices properly. Most of us are familiar with tablets, computers, and smartphones, but there are other electronics that can help with parenting. Just the other day, Apple revealed several new products. The one that caught my interest was the Apple Watch Series 3. It now allows you to make phone calls right from the watch itself, without having your iPhone nearby. And if you’re not sure who’s calling you, you can always use do a people lookup. You just can’t underestimate the convenience of this handy device for parents.

Phone Calls from Anywhere

The Apple Watch can be used without your iPhone nearby.
You no longer have to worry about keeping your iPhone on you to make calls on your Apple Watch.

In the past, if you wanted to make a phone call from your Apple Watch, you needed to have your iPhone on you. With the series 3, though, you can make a call while your child is playing a game on your phone in another room. You also won’t have to worry about giving teachers, coaches, and babysitters a new phone number just for your Watch. It’ll use the same number that’s associated with your iPhone.

Less to Carry on You

When you’re getting your children to daycare or school, then rushing off to work, you don’t want to have to remember to bring your phone, too. Because it’s attached to your wrist, the Apple Watch is almost impossible to leave behind. It’s also much easier to access apps and texts from your wrist than digging your phone out of your pocket.

Monitor Your Fitness Levels

With the Series 3, the Apple Watch has several new fitness features. It now has a virtual coach, increase water resistance, and more. Because keeping up with your job, spouse, and children can be so exhausting, parents don’t always have time to exercise. However, the Apple Watch can keep track of how many steps you take a day and motivate you to push yourself even further.

Stay Connected

If you choose to purchase an Apple Watch for your child as well, they’ll experience all of these great features too. Plus, it’ll be easier to stay in touch with them. Kids might not hear their phone go off in their pocket or bag, but they’ll certainly notice that you’re calling when they have the Apple Watch. You can also go through their device later on and run a people lookup to make sure they’re not talking to strangers.

Safely Using Smartphones and Tablet Computers

Keep your phone's data safe with DDI Utilities.

These days everyone seems to have an iPhone, even children who might be a little too young. Tablets and smartphones are becoming some of the most-used devices, quickly replacing desktop computers and laptops. Maybe that’s due to the current obsession everyone has with touch screens. Or maybe it’s because these devices are more portable. Because they’re used so much on the go, it’s very important to keep your information backed up. An app like DDI Utilities can help you recover your contacts, pictures, and more if your phone breaks.

What many people aren’t aware of, is the potential dangers of using these devices, both for adults and children. People don’t seem to know – or don’t want to know – the ways that modern technology can harm them. If someone is wondering what they can do to keep their body and mind safe when using these new electronics, they have come to the right place.

Keep Good Posture

There are a lot of people who like to recline in a chair or lay back on the couch when they are using their electronic devices. One of the best things that they can do is learn to have good posture when they are working, or using their electronic devices. It’s hard for someone not to use their cell phone when it contains so much important data, but it can always be backed up with DDI Utilities. This way, you do not have to constantly make sure everything is up to date and saved.  This gives you more time to relax and enjoy time with your family.  I also promote getting up from your device and walking around; this is good both for your mind and your body.

Typing on Tablet Keyboards

Tablets need to be handled safely and carefully.
Tablets are very handy devices, but they should be used with care.

Lots of people think tablets are just as good as laptops when they have a keyboard. The keys on a tablet keyboard, however, are much thinner and don’t have as much give to them as regular keyboards do. That makes it easy to bang away at these keys, which don’t provide much of a cushion for one’s fingers. There have been a lot of reports of people who have begun to get pain in the joints, in their wrists, fingers, and thumbs, because they’ve been typing too aggressively.

Using Phones at Night

I used to be a big culprit of using my phone at night.  However, now I know, that using your phone at night has been found to give people problems. There have been a lot of people who have grown accustomed to staying on their phone into the wee hours of the night. Those of you who tend to do this should at least turn on the Night Mode of your phone, if it has one. If not, it’s better to stay off the phone at night, as the light from the phone tricks your brain into thinking that it’s not time to go to sleep.

iPhone 6 Plus, 7 Plus, and Other Big Smartphones

Another thing that consumers have reported problems with is using a new, bigger smartphone. Upgrading to a “Plus” model of the recent iPhone editions has caused some problems. Many people have issues transferring data from an old phone to the new phone. You don’t want to lose all of your data, but with the help of DDI Utilities, you don’t have to worry.

If you want to stay safe when using modern technology, follow these tips. I’d also love to discuss this topic with you if you have any questions contact me here.