Kids and YouTube Versus Kids and Books, Which is Better?

There is no doubt about the power of YouTube over kids. In fact, this social media platform is generating billions of video views from kids alone. And it is slowly taking over the role of books when it comes to education. But is it a good thing? What do parents think about their kids and YouTube versus kids and books?

Kids and YouTube

It has become rare to see children spending their time watching TV and quite common seeing them peering over their mobile device screens watching YouTube videos. Sometimes, even for hours. YouTube has somehow taken over the world of entertainment for them.

And now, it is starting to take over education, as well. When kids want to learn something, they go on YouTube. When they have to do research, they search for discussion videos on YouTube. When they have homework, they seek help on YouTube.

Kids know everything is on this social media platform. That’s the role of YouTube on education.

Unfortunately, it can be hard to control the content that children are exposed to on YouTube. And the number of ads that target these young viewers are a cause of concern. The consequences of such content can have harmful effects on kids’ behavior that they can bring into their adulthood.

And so, even with the benefits that YouTube has, it is important that guardians monitor what they see on it to prevent its negative effects.

Kids and Books

In this digital age, traditional learning materials are being substituted by technology. Books are starting to become outdated and kids prefer to do their research and homework on computers and other mobile devices.

However, there are so many disadvantages that come with this change. Which is why many parents want to stick with to the old way of teaching. And that is through books.

Books are very specific with their content and don’t allow any inappropriate information to get to kids. Children learn the best way with them. And there are no ads hidden anywhere on its pages. This is something that traditional learning tools have over the digital ones today.

And this is one reason why parents think YouTube vs books for learning is not as good as people believe it to be.

But no matter what you think is good for your children, you should still be open-minded and give things a try so your children can reap their benefits. As long as you are beside them and guide them well, you will be able to keep them safe while enjoying the benefits of advanced technology.

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Be A Great Father On Father’s Day

father's day

Father’s Day is all about celebrating our fathers and the incredible impact that they have had on our lives. But it’s also a day for fathers to look around at all they have to be grateful for. No father wants anything to happen to their children. Dad’s do so much every single day. This Father’s Day, aim to keep your kids safe by protecting them from one of the greatest threats, the internet. Making sure that kids are safe online is one of the toughest jobs of the modern-day parent. Let Dad take time for himself, relax by the pool or even learn a new language.

Keep Your Kids Safe Online

There are many dangers faced by kids on the internet. There is an enormous amount of explicit material available for them to access. As well as cyber-bullying that occurs now too in schools and online. They could even come across a predator through the various sites and apps they are using. This is why parents should have cell phone spy apps to monitor what their children are doing online and keep them safe. How else can you monitor their activities online? 

father's day
Father Hugging Daughter

Social Media

Social media is one of the great modern marvels. It will go down in the history books as something that revolutionized the way that people communicate. But it isn’t without its dangers. Many kids have fallen victim to being bullied over social media in what has become called cyber-bullying. And being exposed to content at an earlier age. Some people post revealing photos on their Instagram or Facebook that kids shouldn’t see. Like celebrities and even some teenagers. 


The best way for parents to prevent cyber-bullying is to wait until they are mature enough to handle social media. The trouble with this is that many of the other kids at school are going to be active on social media platforms at an increasingly early age. It varies from child to child, but the best option may be to keep kids from using these apps, which give them the ability to communicate with anyone across the world. Most parents don’t know if their children are being bullied online. 

father's day
Father Spending Time With Daughter

Explicit Content

Another unfortunate danger facing children is the explicit content that is widely available throughout the internet. To combat this, there are tools for parents such as cell phone monitoring apps that enable parents to see what sites their kids are frequenting using their smartphone or even the computer. They could accidentally encounter adult material online and other photos not for kids. And once they see this material they can’t unsee it. 


One of the most dramatic and severe dangers facing children is the reality of cyber-predators. It is of the utmost importance that parents keep their kids safe by teaching them how to interact with people on the internet. No matter how friendly a stranger appears online, your children should never give out their personal information. Still, enjoy your Father’s Day, it is only once a year. Check my last post about the music video God’s Plan by Drake.

How To Handle It When Your Son Is A Bully

I had to face the fact that my son is a bully.

When I got a message on my phone at work to immediately call the principal of my oldest son’s school, I was worried. Did Wyatt get hurt? What was going on? I called back as soon as I could. Unfortunately, I was shocked to hear the principal tell me that after work, I had to attend a school meeting to address a bullying problem. Bullying? My son wasn’t getting bullied. He was fine. And there was no way my son is a bully.

I told the principal there must be a mistake, but he said that there wasn’t. My son wasn’t getting bullied – he was the bully. I almost dropped the phone in surprise. I agreed to be at the meeting and hung up. But the rest of the day, my mind was racing.

The Shocking Realization

How could my son be a bully? We raised him to have compassion and empathy. We raised him to be kind to others. How did this happen? And didn’t I see it? I really wanted to call my son and immediately demand some answers but I didn’t. I knew I had to talk to the principal first. Instead, I just texted my son and told him to meet me at the school’s cafeteria instead of waiting for me outside.

He knew he was in trouble when I told him we had to go talk to the principal. He got visibly more uncomfortable the closer we got to the school office. When we got there, another child and a parent were waiting. My son was squirming at this point.

My son was bullying another boy.
I couldn’t believe that my son had been bullying another child.

I was too embarrassed to meet the other parent’s eyes. How do you face someone when your son is a bully? I didn’t make eye contact because I didn’t know what else to do. When the principal was ready for us, we all went into a conference room.

The Proof

I asked the principal about what my son had done. He handed me stacks of papers – printouts of screen shots of threatening and offensive messages belittling, berating and humiliating the other boy. All of them were traced to his social media accounts and phone number. Dumbfounded and upset, I asked my son if he sent these messages and made these posts. At first, he tried to deny it. But when I pointed out that I knew they were his social media accounts because I set them up, he broke down and told the truth. He did it.

I was bitterly disappointed in my son. And horrified that he had done such terrible things. I promised the principal and the other parent that we’d take care of the situation. I apologized to the other parent and their boy. But I know an apology can’t make up for what that child had to go through.

Where Do We Go From Here?

I feel like a failure as a parent because my son is a bully. But my wife and I are committed to fixing this problem, instead of pretending it didn’t happen. If you find out that your child is a bully, the best thing you can do is acknowledge the problem and fix it. Don’t make excuses and don’t let your child off the hook. Fix the problem.