Your Teen Can Now Shop On Amazon

While none of my kids are teenagers yet,  I’m always wondering how much independence I should give them when the time comes. Amazon just rolled out a new feature that eases some of my worries. It now allows teens to shop on Amazon with their own account, but with parental controls. I think this is amazing – teens will have the freedom to shop for what they need, and their parents can approve their purchases. Here are a few reasons why I love Amazon’s new feature.

Shopping Independently

Save on gas by letting your teen shop online instead.
Now, teens can go shopping without needing a ride to the mall.

Teens want nothing more than to be independent. Most of them are aware of the different types of parental controls out there and try to resist them. With Amazon’s new feature, teens can learn how to shop on their own. Because they’re probably used to shopping with their parents or friends, they now finally have the chance to do it independently. Teens also receive their own logins so they don’t have to use their parents’ accounts. This allows them to create wish lists, keep track of their orders, and receive personal recommendations.

Learning The Value Of A Dollar

Amazon is known for its competitive selection of products from thousands of categories, as well as their low prices. Shoppers can easily compare the features and prices of different products so they can snag the best deal. When teens are able to do this themselves, they start to learn the value of a dollar. What will get them the best bang for their buck? These smart shopping skills will stick with them for the rest of their lives. It’s also possible for parents to apply a spending limit to their teens’ accounts so they stick to a budget.

Monitoring Purchases

What’s remarkable about this feature is that teens have the independence they need, while parents can check their purchases before they’re processed. They no longer have to worry that their children are spending their money on something inappropriate or unnecessary. It only takes a few seconds to approve or deny an order, which is easy for busy parents. Plus, teens can even include notes with their orders to let their parents know what they’re for.

While some people out there might disagree with me, I personally think that Amazon’s doing a great thing here. Parents should take advantage of it and help their teens become more independent and financially responsible. What do you think? Send me a message and let me know!